Other services

Sustainable Business

Ecobanca connects environmentally conscious investors to projects that result in economic, social, and environmental benefits. In order to do this, Ecobanca is always looking for innovative projects. Through this process of connecting projects and investors, and providing consulting services, many good ideas have been turned into financially viable and successful businesses.

Environmental Valuation

Ecobanca and its associates conduct economic valuations of ecological costs and benefits. Environmental and natural resource economics is a branch of economic sciences dedicated to measuring the value of goods that previously were not thought to have a monetary value. In our blog we have various entries related to the valuation of environmental goods and services; we invite you to visit our blog and give us your comments. Ecobanca finds successful sustainable projects for interested investors so that their funds can support projects with positive social, ecological, and financial returns.

Compensation Payments

In Mexico, companies with projects that could have impacts on the environment are required to submit a Manifestation of Environmental Impact (MIA by its Spanish initials) for those projects. In some instances, the environmental authority requires the company to provide financial compensation for any damages caused by the project to the country’s environment or ecosystems. Ecobanca serves as an advisor to these companies to show them how, in accordance with the rules of the authority, they can turn their compensation payment into a donation to the investment fund for Protected Natural Areas.  

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