About Ecobanca

Brief history

Ecobanca A. C. began operations in 2000, as a result of the initiative of two visionaries who sought to bridge the worlds of sustainable development and finance. Since then, Ecobanca has established itself as a link between sustainable projects and investors who are concerned about our society’s social and environmental problems. In 2002, Ecobanca A. C. signed a cooperation agreement with CONANP, the National Commission for Protected Natural Areas, in order to support the conservation programs of the Protected Natural Areas by identifying sources of funding and managing funds. In 2003, Ecobanca A. C., in partnership with the Monex Financial Group, created the first environmental trust fund. And in 2006, Ecobanca A. C., Monex, and CONANP created a successful savings and investment instrument designed to support nature conservation: the Fondos Verdes (Green Funds). 

Ecobanca, A.C. , Av Santa Fé 170 German Center, Oficina 512, Mexico DF. CP 01210, (52)(55) 8503-9853. (52)(55) 8503-9854.